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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wilson Bingham Book Progress Report - September 2005

In This Newsletter

Hello everyone!

I finally have cleared up some time to send out a progress report, including a sample chapter and outline, for the Wilson Bingham family history anthology. The goal is to publish our history in book form by July 2006, with the majority of information being gathered from each family by December 2005.

To bring you up to speed:

1) Please see the outline (initialoutline.pdf) that I have uploaded to the "Files" section of our group web site. The basic structure of the book will be to provide ancestry background, then zero in on Alfred, Sr. and Emma Jane (hopefully with lots of details), followed by chronology of their descendants. Background on their descendants would likely be more detailed as we start with Alfred, Sr. and Emma Jane's immediate children and become less so as we get closer to the present time. But please surprise me. It would be thrilling to include not only the life history and accomplishments of our parents and grandparents, but also for those of us in the present. Any "stories in the making" can be updated in future reprints that will become necessary as we uncover and want to share more information on our ancestors and contemporary families.

2) Please also see the sample chapter (samplechapter.pdf). This is from the family history records of Gordon Wilson. It isn't the final typeset version with correct pagination and layout--just an approximation of how stories might be organized in a particular chapter. What's missing from this are the histories of Boyd and Althea's descendants, which I understand are forthcoming.

3) I have also been shopping around at various genealogical book publishers who have provided estimates on their web sites or custom estimates based on my best guesses as to the final form of the book. Its looking like pricing for a 6" x 9", 400 page hardbound book with color photos based on an order of at least 100 books is going to be around $50-60. The same specifications in paperback would be between $30-$40. Unfortunately, most publishers only do print runs of a minimum of 100 books, but I anticipate not having too much problem with filling orders for all 100 books (and possibly more). All said, and considering that the books will be sold with a small markup per book to cover some of my (and your) postage and other incidientals to produce the book, I feel that this is a reasonable price point considering the potential value of a book like this to the family. But I would like your opinions as well. Is this too expensive?

4) I spoke with Ruth Young and she has generously offered to send me copies of the great amounts of research she has collected and compiled over the years, plus information about Naomi Higginbotham's book and research. I'm sure that this will fill in much of chapters 1 through 3.

Here is the latest list of the items that will help move us towards our publication date of July, 2006.

1) I'm in great need of more details to fill in information, particularly regarding some spouse names, maiden names, and _full_ names and birth orders of all descendants of the children of Alfred, Sr. and Emma Jane. It has been brought to my attention that some of the family members having access to "pockets" of written histories and genealogies include Diane Tuckett, Grace Callan (for our Australian ancestors), and the children and family of the late Ruby Wilson. If you are any of these individuals, please get in touch. :)

2) If you have any computerized versions of your genealogy information, no matter how complete or incomplete you believe it to be, please forward it to me via e-mail. You can send it as a GEDCOM or PAF file.

3) I would like phone numbers for the following individuals:
Alfred and Susan Wilson
Arlene and Richard Edsall
John and Roz Wilson
Keith and Teri Wilson
Afton and Mitch Wilde
Grant and Pat Wilson
Allen and Lori Wilson
Joyce and Joe Hasting
Dale and Grace Callan
Val and Ann Stringfellow
Paul and Lisa Kitchen
Karl and Eileen Gull
Jan and Tom Chamberlain
Janene and Janette Gull
Diane and Tom Tuckett
Daniel and Rose Holmes-Gull
Bruce and Margaret Young
Annette and Jim Thomas
Lawrence and Christine Young
Daren Young and Steven Fisher
Lynda and Joe Tuckett
Todd and Gwen Wilson
Craig and Eva Wilson

These three items will help me finalize the outline, begin filling in the actual book chapter pages, and obtain more information about each family unit and individual.

Special thanks go to Gordon Wilson for providing GEDCOM files and an outline of his family! Also, thanks for sending Boyd Wilson's autobiography and other stories to compose our first sample chapter.

Additional thanks to Ruth Young for all the work she has done in the past and is about to do in photocopying and sending me information. This will, I'm sure, save tons of primary research on my part and on the part of others.

Thanks to all for your time and willingness to see this through to publication.


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