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Monday, February 26, 2007

Emma Wilson's Newspaper Articles

At the memorial for Maxine in July, I asked Bruce Young if he would be interested in helping find archived articles that Emma Wilson had written in various newspapers on the Wasatch Front. Here is a summary he just e-mailed to me this evening. There are more gaps than we had anticipated, so ANY information you can give which would help us uncover articles specifically written by her would be very welcome. Maybe you know some keywords or subject matter she would have written about. Or perhaps you have a few copies of articles we know for a fact she wrote which we could use to track down others like them.

Bruce said:


Here's a summary of what I've found so far:

I've looked in a few issues of several of the papers that Grandma Wilson wrote for to get oriented.

Specifically, I've looked at
  • The Intermountain Republican (some issues of 1909--that's the last year BYU has microfilm copies of the paper)
  • The Salt Lake Tribune (a few issues from the 1920s plus the name and subject lists for 1942)
  • The Paysonian (from about 1917-1923)
  • The Provo Herald (some issues from 1913 and later)
I have so far found no reference at all to Grandma Wilson, but that may be because her articles in the issues I looked at were anonymous. I found nothing in the Paysonian I could link with her (except one item I'll mention below). In the Intermountain Republican, the Salt Lake Tribune, and the Provo Herald, I found news briefs and society notices from Payson from time to time, but all of these were short and anonymous. I'm afraid they give no great insight into Grandma Wilson, especially since I'm not certain which ones she may have written. But I could photocopy a few examples just to give a feel for the kind of thing she may have done.

My plan is to keep looking and see if at any point she did signed articles. I'll let you know as the research proceeds.

One thing I did find of interest, though: in an early issue of the Paysonian (1917 I believe) there was a front page list of who was on the ballot for an upcoming election. I believe that below the ballot there was a notice saying that for more information readers should contact Alfred R. Wilson, City Recorder. That would have to be Grandpa Wilson. At some point I'll return to the microfilms and make a copy of that page. I might also make a copy of an advertisement or two that are probably connected to the family (I remember one for clothing from T. H. Wilson and Son--or something like that).

Anyway, that's what I have so far. We may end up running into a treasure trove. But I'm afraid it's also possible that most of what Grandma Wilson did were the sort of short anonymous notices that really wouldn't be of much interest.

By the way, if you have more information that might guide me in my searching, let me know.

Best wishes,


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