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Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Web site

I know this is old news for some, but it just hit the Chicago temple district and we're very excited to announce that is rolling out a new "version" of its web site that will make it easier to tie together the world's efforts to connect the human family.

Go to and enter in your LDS Church membership number to register. You'll also need to enter your confirmation date and a few other details and security questions to make sure that they get the right "you" and that your information is secure. From there you can start adding people to your family tree (if they're not already in there because of someone else linking to you) and watch it grow based on the efforts that other people have already made.

The new FamilySearch ensures that duplicates of names are reduced or altogether eliminated. Because it's a group effort, nobody works in isolation anymore. If you make a change to a person's birth date, it shows up as a change you made so that others can see and provide more source material to show that your date is correct or incorrect.

The TempleReady system is replaced by and integrated into FamilySearch so that ordinance data is shown in near real-time rather than taking months to show that the person you just did ordinance work for has already been taken care of. Now you'll know instantly and accurately who needs their work done and who doesn't.

Come check it out! This release of the new FamilySearch is a limited release for Church members only, so you'll need your membership number. It is written on your temple recommend, so you should be able to hop right on. Or, your ward clerk can provide your number to you on Sunday.

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