The Wilson-Bingham Family History Web Log

This is a web log or "blog" about efforts to publish the Wilson-Bingham family history in the form of a single hardbound book. Major family names being researched include Wilson and Bingham. If you feel your family history ties into ours, please post a comment to one of the latest postings. Please subscribe to get instant updates.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wilson Bingham Book Progress Report - March 200

Hello again everyone. Time for another update and a reminder that I will be needing all of your biographies and autobiographies by March 31st. The idea is to document your life and those of your ancestors and descendants. I'm asking that you do it in at least one full page of text per person you write about (or a corresponding amount of audio if submitting a cassette recording). However, as you get closer to the present day with your descendants, their life histories will obviously be shorter, so don't worry about filling an entire page with, say, your 2 year old grandson's life.

You can submit these to me however you like, whether it be by postal mail, on a tape cassette, via e-mail, or using Google Docs. If you have any questions, please let me know.

I've also prepared an online calendar for everyone to refer to so that you can see the tasks that are ahead of us. If the March 31st deadline is met by everyone, then I will have the materials I need to simply edit and rearrange the text and then typeset it.

Just click the icon below to see the calendar. I've also summarized the major events in the timeline below.

Saturday Mar 31   Biographies and Autobiographies due
Sunday Apr 1 Edit, rearrange, research details, proofread,
Monday Apr 30 Order printer's proof copy. Final manuscript
to as PDF.
Tuesday May 15 Printer's proof should ship
Monday May 21 Receive/review/edit printer's proof
Monday May 28 Submit for final printing, Set up online
store for book, Send out promotional email
Tuesday May 29 Do layout of photo album
Tuesday Jun 5 Upload photo album to online service, Order
printer proof of album
Wednesday Jun 20 Receive/review/edit printer proof of album
Saturday Jun 23 Submit photo album for final printing, Set
up online store for book, Send out promotional email
Tuesday Jun 26-30 Tentative date range for reunion - Salt
Lake City