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This is a web log or "blog" about efforts to publish the Wilson-Bingham family history in the form of a single hardbound book. Major family names being researched include Wilson and Bingham. If you feel your family history ties into ours, please post a comment to one of the latest postings. Please subscribe to get instant updates.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Seek and Ye Shall Find: Locate original documents on the web

Some of you may appreciate the significance of this list of links, especially if you have librarian blood flowing through your veins like I do., which is a blog like this one, has pulled together a list, however inexhaustive it may yet be, of some sites which contain original documents on almost every subject, ancient and modern. I almost got lost in a trance perusing through high-resolution photos of original texts on everything from the origins of Christianity to some weird sanskrit document written at the turn of the 20th century claiming to be a channeled book about ancient Indian UFOs.

But what will be of most interest to us in writing this book will be what can be found about life in England, Australia, and the United States between about 1530 (and earlier) and the mid 1900s.

Have fun looking through the sites and let me know if you find anything we can use in the book.


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