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This is a web log or "blog" about efforts to publish the Wilson-Bingham family history in the form of a single hardbound book. Major family names being researched include Wilson and Bingham. If you feel your family history ties into ours, please post a comment to one of the latest postings. Please subscribe to get instant updates.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Death by footnotes...

I have officially fallen behind my self-imposed due date for having the manuscript edited, typeset, and sent to the printer--all because of footnotes.

I'm looking for anyone who can donate a few hours for a few days to help me flesh out some parts of chapter two that are in need of greater detail, bibliographic information, etc. All you need is a computer and the know-how to perform some Google searches to compile a list of leads. I can research the rest from there.

Any takers?

Chapter two can be found, in printable format, with all the latest updates as of right this second, by clicking here.


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